Blue Dinnerware with Leaves

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New Dinnerware

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I’m on vacation!  Well, sort of – I still have to work at my day job; but, my pottery partner is gone for a week and I am on hiatus from the art center; so it feels like a vacation. With all this vacationing, things have been slow in the studio (although, I did trim a bowl tonight).  However, things in the kitchen are heating up.  I have been cooking and experimenting.  This morning I made a shrimp-stuffed omelet and tonight I am working on a version of cajun sausage and rice (for Jeff).  I’ve noticed that when I am working on a lot of ideas and pots in the studio, I often...

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Eva Zeisel

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This week is the last week of classes in the Winter Session at the art center where I teach.  The focus of our session was “Production Pottery” in which we made dinnerware pieces.  As I was preparing for our last class, I began to think about Eva Zeisel, a renowned potter whose dinnerware was made available through industrial reproduction. Eva Zeisel died on December 30, 2011; and the ceramics world collectively grieved.  I read several articles about her shortly after she passed away.  She is known in for her beautiful dinnerware – clean, modern, organic, and elegant.  It was cast and...

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Production Pottery – Storage

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When making functional pottery it is vital that the pots perform their role well; but, when making dinnerware sets, it is also necessary to consider how those pots function when they are NOT in use.  So once you have acquired the skills to make similar pots the same size (challenge no. 1) and once you have developed a conceptual resolution to make dissimilar pots relate (challenge no. 2), you must also consider the pot’s non-function (i.e. storage).  Because many pots comprise a dinnerware set, storage becomes an issue for the owners. Consider how the pots will stack in the cupboard or...

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Production Pottery – Challenge #2

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“Technical ability grows naturally with experience, but conceptual rigor needs constant attention and exploration.”  Sean O’Connell Although not all potters aspire to be production potters, all potters will benefit from the skills required to make dinnerware.  Potters who can make multiple pots similar in form and size are efficient throwers and have the technical skills to accomplish any sort of pot.  And, potters who can develop a unified dinnerware set are effective in creatively relating one pot to another. Essentially, there are two basic to making dinnerware sets: Similar pieces must...

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