When making functional pottery it is vital that the pots perform their role well; but, when making dinnerware sets, it is also necessary to consider how those pots function when they are NOT in use.  So once you have acquired the skills to make similar pots the same size (challenge no. 1) and once you have developed a conceptual resolution to make dissimilar pots relate (challenge no. 2), you must also consider the pot’s non-function (i.e. storage).  Because many pots comprise a dinnerware set, storage becomes an issue for the owners. Consider how the pots will stack in the cupboard or dishwasher.  You may prefer a cereal bowl to be low and wide; and, you may prefer soup bowls to curve inward so the soup will stay warm longer.  The result is the cereal bowls stack more compactly than the soup bowls.   Either way, functional choices should be made with full recognition of the consequences on how well a pot performs when it is not in use.