I’m on vacation!  Well, sort of – I still have to work at my day job; but, my pottery partner is gone for a week and I am on hiatus from the art center; so it feels like a vacation.

With all this vacationing, things have been slow in the studio (although, I did trim a bowl tonight).  However, things in the kitchen are heating up.  I have been cooking and experimenting.  This morning I made a shrimp-stuffed omelet and tonight I am working on a version of cajun sausage and rice (for Jeff).  I’ve noticed that when I am working on a lot of ideas and pots in the studio, I often struggle to come up with a menu.  But, now, while I am  feeling uninspired in the studio the creativity has kicked up in the kitchen.  I wonder if creativity in the studio and kitchen can both co-exist.