Detail of cupcake stand

I have been saying good-bye to 2010 and getting ready for 2011.  This is an extensive process for me because I am a goal setter and planner.  I never finish this process by January 1 and have come to accept that this takes me until mid-January.

So, while I took a brief break from making pots, I have been working on the ‘year in review’ and the ‘year to come’.

2010 was very exciting.  It started with glaze testing hundreds of glaze combinations.   That process took most of 2010; and, it wasn’t until this summer that we settled on six signature glaze palettes.  A Bit Off Center participated in more craft shows than we had anticipated which helped us realize what venues suit us best.  We also entered a contest and applied for a grant.  And, three shops began representing our pots.  Among all of the throwing and glazing, we both taught classes at Emerge and attended several workshops.  It was a lot in what felt like a very short time.

Large, handled platter

2011 is looking very promising.  We have spent several days cleaning and reorganizing the studios.  In the midst of our mania, we found a lot missing tools and recycled several containers of clay.  We are ready to set goals and get back to work!