Winters in eastern NC are usually mild and 2012 has been exceptionally mild. But, we had a cold snap, and although I have a small space heater in my studio that manages to take most of the chill out, it never gets really warm.  So even though I love making pots, it is still hard to motivate myself to go to the cold studio when the house is warm and bright. The recent below-freezing nights made me think of the small indulgences that make working in the winter a little easier for me.

  • Warm water – a bucket of warm throwing water makes all the difference. I heard of a potter who uses an aquarium heater to keep the bucket of water warm. But, I don’t live in a climate that demands such level of attentiveness.
  • Hand cream – strategically placed for easy accessibility (beside the sink, in my desk drawer, on my bedside table, in the car, and in my purse). Although this luxury isn’t limited to winter, I use hand cream more frequently this time of year.  I like small bottles of any unscented varieties but I don’t have a favorite.
  • ¾ length sleeve shirts – they keep me warm without getting wet and nasty when I throw.
  • Shade tank tops – they are close fitting and LONG. I wear them under my shirts and the extra length keeps my back covered when I work on the wheel. I don’t like any cold blasts of air.
  • Clay stored in the house – it is warm and I don’t get an ice-cream headache when I throw with it.