When I started making pottery, I was a student at a community studio.  All of the time that I dedicated to my hobby was spent engaging with clay.  I worked on the wheel or glazed pots because the support work (firing, cleaning, glaze maintenance, etc.) was done by a studio assistant.

As my passion grew, I set up my home studio; and, as a consequence of making a lot of pots, I also began selling pottery.  How I spent my time began to change, too.  This isn’t unique to me.  It seems full-time potters spend more time doing things other than making pots; and, I suspect that this is the case for other full-time artists.

Although I am not a full-time potter (I moonlight at an environmental consulting firm), I spend 20-30 hours a week working on my ‘hobby’.  And, since I am neurotically quantitative, I wondered how my time breaks down over a month.