Thanksgiving 2011 has come to a conclusion.  And, I have so much that I am thankful for – salvation, my husband, family, friends, my dog, our home, health.   I am also thankful for ceramics.  I love engaging with clay and the ceramic process.  I am also thankful for my studio, wheels, and kiln – all of which are blessings beyond what I could have asked for.  However, like most things, I don’t realize how much I take for granted until something goes awry.  Both Julie and I have L&L kilns – which have been fantastic.  However, my kiln failed a few weeks ago during a bisque load.  The thermocouple died so my sous-potter replaced it and the elements.  All is well again.  But then, Julie’s kiln failed last week during a glaze load.  It was most inconvenient as it occurred prior to the holiday and most of the pots in the load weren’t ours.  After my sous-potter confirmed that we would need a additional parts prior to running it again (a sad disappointment because we were prepared to replace the elements which we had on hand), we  unloaded the kiln and transported everything to my studio.  I have been firing loads since Sunday because my kiln is 1/3 smaller than Julie’s.  So far, all the glaze pots look good (sigh of relief).  There would never be a great time for a kiln to fail, but this time of year is especially inconvenient when we have been making pots for the Christmas show this coming weekend.  Nonetheless, I am thankful for all the enjoyment I get from pottery.

                  In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.               I Thessalonians 5:18