Carved and slipped Lime Fiesta Mugs

Surface decoration is my current focus.  This is proving to be challenging because it is stretching my drawing and design skills.  Also, it is forcing me to reconsider the glaze combinations that we worked hard to develop.  It is easy to cling to something because of the time and effort it cost.  And, it is hard to ask something that is good to be better.

Last year, we focused on developing glaze combinations.  And, I think there are several successful combinations.  Even so, as I was working on some teapots at Christmas, I began to feel like my teapots are flat.  I want my pots to host elements that will tactilely and visually engage the user.

Swirl Mugs

I think adding texture will bring those elements into the pots.  We began slip trailing and carving (it was a bit of a revelation to use both applications on one pot).   Also, we are dabbling with underglaze in order to add a matte surface.  I like its contrast with the high gloss color glazes we use.  Changing the surface topography is the next step in developing distinctive pots.