I am happy to be home – it was a long weekend.  Craft shows are fun but they are a lot of work.  Unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative for Sparkcon.  Saturday was cold and wet; and, although the weather was much better today, the crowd was small.

The poor weather gave us a chance to break in our new side-wall panels.  Julie ordered them this summer and this was our first opportunity to try them out.  They are great – the wind and rain were kept at bay all day Saturday.  So, Julie and I spent the day chatting away in our cozy booth.

Even when the shows are slow, I enjoy the time.  It is hard not to talk about pottery when we are surrounded by it!  But it is a great opportunity to do some self-critiquing and brainstorming about what we can do when we get back into the studio… I am thankful for even a rainy day at a craft show!