This week had some drama in it.  On Wednesday, Braum and I went to work.  Braum is my sous-potter but he also moonlights with me at my day job.  All of a sudden, he started to act as if he couldn’t see so I kept him in my office and made arrangements to go to the vet at the earliest appointment.  But, within a short time, he was drooling and couldn’t walk.  My still stomach lurches at the memory of how distressed he was.  He had seizures and was unresponsive.

Braum arrived at our home on November 4, 2009.  He was a stray my mom found (I am so thankful that I have a mother who stops for strays).  Jeff and I became foster failures and adopted him.  When he arrived, he was 12 pounds and mostly hairless.

Foster Puppy Braum, November 2009

He has grown but it turned out that he has mange.  We have tried several treatment options but haven’t achieved success yet.  The most effective has been Ivermectin.  On Wednesday, I gave him his dosage and flea medication.  Perhaps the Ivermectin built up to toxic levels in his system as one vet suggested or perhaps the flea medication interacted with it to produce toxicity as another vet suggested.

Either way, it was a hard 24 hours while he was on IVs for fluids and treated for seizures.  As soon as I noticed Braum acting oddly, I prayed for wisdom about what to do.  Then when I took him to the vet, I prayed for the vet to give him appropriate care.  When I transported Braum from my vet to the emergency vet, I prayed that the Lord would be glorified and thanked Him for giving us Braum.  I see Braum as a gift from my heavenly Father.   Jeff and I weren’t looking for another dog but Braum came at a time when I really needed him.  For whatever amount of time the Lord has given Braum to us, I am thankful for God’s graciousness.  The next morning, when I picked him up from the emergency vet (on the anniversary of his arrival to our home), he was walking and wagging although he still wasn’t seeing yet.

Today, my sous-potter was back at work.  He kept me company while I mixed glazes.  I think he is seeing better and he seems much more himself.  I praise the Lord for giving us Braum, again!

Sous-Potter Bruam, November 7, 2010