Big news… A Bit Off Center has been accepted into the Autumn Leaves Festival which is a HUGE craft show and festival in Mt. Airy, NC.  This is exciting and a bit intimidating.

Shows are to potters as races are to runners.  Runners run; but, they are most focused when there is a 5k on the horizon.  This is what preparing for shows feels to me.  I plan inventory goals and then start to throw and glaze until the big day.  Or, in the case of Autumn Leaves Festival, I throw and glaze until the big 3 day weekend.

If we are accepted into all the shows that we have applied to, then this will be our largest show season yet.  That means I have a lot of pots to make – Exciting!  I will be well on my way to accumulating my 10,000 hours of practice.

Tea bowls (AKA - wine cups)

There is something compulsive in me that loves to quantify things so when I first read about the 10,000 hour rule, I was really encouraged – I can be a master potter if I practice and strive to improve for 10,000 hours!  Which is even more reason to make the multiples that I  love.  And, making multiples gives me an opportunity to improve my technique and freedom to explore variations.  Also, having inventory goals and show dates really focuses me and takes away the luxury of slothfulness – or at least I hope that will.