“Just imagine how much you’d get done… if you stopped actively sabotaging your own work.”   – Seth Godin

I can always find reasons why I don’t do things.  Truthfully, they aren’t reasons, just excuses.  For instance, last Sunday, I didn’t make any pots; I didn’t take any photos; I didn’t clean anything.  But it wasn’t a restful or rejuvenating day either.  I read; ate dinner; watched TV; and that’s about it.

Creamer - Enchanted Wood with Dragonfly (slipped)

So all this slothfulness has me thinking…If I had a wheel at home, I would make pots.  Wait…I do but I didn’t.  I love pottery and as odd as it is, I often choose to lie on the couch.  So why do I struggle to do what I love?

Although it might be true that a potter would make more pots if she had her own wheel – this is not the largest limitation.  Lack of motivation and focus keep me from making more pots.  Instead, I allow my true passion to be sold out for lesser things – most often TV (the biggest consumer of my time with the smallest return).

How can I keep myself from sabotaging my work?