I have a difficulty seeing my pots – this is often because I am comparing what I meant to do with what I have done (the pot in my head is always better).  Sometimes it is hard for me to see my pots because I have spent too much time with them.  A little time away from them, helps me gain a bit of perspective.  And sometimes it is hard to see my pots because I only know them from the studio or in the sales booth.  When I see them in the context of domesticity, they seem different to me – more themselves.

A collection of berry bowls and stacked serving bowls

I have an amazing group of friends – who also happen  to love pottery.  My friends have a lot of pottery that I made; but, I cringe when I see pots from a few years ago.  I compare these pots to middle school pictures of myself – when I made them, they were my best work; but, I wish I could convince my friends to trade them in for new, improved pots.

So when we got together in June for a long weekend, I saw a lot of the pottery that one of my good friends has been accumulating (usually on the pretext of giving as gifts – but is seems the gifts are often to herself!).  I was honored that she uses the pottery and pleased by the pots themselves.  I was also glad that I didn’t cringe.