Sugar and Creamer Set in Raspberry

As a true Resolutionist, I couldn’t let the end of June pass without a status review of my 2011 resolutions (it is a neurotic burden).  June is the half-way mark after all.   So here it is:

Better Pots – The general focus for 2011 is practice and refinement.  The shows that we have planned are providing plenty of opportunity for me to be purposeful and mindful when I make pots.  I feel like I have so many pots to make, so I make the same pot multiple times with the same surface treatment.  It gives me lots of opportunity to refine and tweak things.  I am having a lot of fun because I have a goal and I feel like I have time to achieve it.

Improve Classes: I am trying to improve class instruction and bring more interesting projects to the ceramics class.  I am more consistent about bringing finished pots to class to inspire the potters to work on the projects – some of the class projects have been more successful than others.  I have been conscientiously watching how I make pots while I throw on my own.  Then I practice explaining the process – it means I talk to myself a lot but it has increased my awareness of how to articulate movements.

Photography:  I want to take photographs that capture the pots as they are.  I think I have gotten better – mostly that is because I shoot in natural light.  I recently hit an obstacle – I broke both cameras.  I am planning to purchase another this week.  I haven’t read a photography book but I will do that after I get the new camera.

Set of Teabowls in Raspberry

Drawing:  I have a book that I want to work through to prepare for a pottery workshop in August.  The workshop is approaching fast and the book is unread….

Blog:  I intended to write 2 entries/week to keep the website from feeling stagnant.  I have managed to sustain the goal and I really enjoy the challenge of writing and editing.  It is more satisfying than I would have thought – sometimes it is hard to come up with a topic and other times I feel like there are so many things I could write on.  I am really encouraged by the feedback and critiques I have received which have often helped me see things from a different perspective.

Thank you to everyone who checks in with this blog.  I am very touched that you choose to spend time reading my thoughts and musings.