As I was packing pottery for the forthcoming show (which was subsequently canceled), I was very surprised at what we have accomplished.  We made a lot of pots this summer – and multiples give me A LOT of satisfaction.

While I was trying to make space for all the pots, it occurred to me – I am a production potter.  To which, Julie pointed out that in some circles, this is not a complimentary term.  She is right – among some ceramicists, a production potter is perceived as a low-level craftsperson.

Although the concept of a production potter is disdained by some, it doesn’t bother me because I don’t share that perspective.  Differing opinions of my accomplishments or of me only bother me when I fear there may be a kernel of validity in them.  And, in this instance, I am not concerned that there is any truth in it because I consider my arrival to status of production potter as an accomplishment.  It took a lot of time, practice, and perseverance to acquire my technical skills.   And, after all, skill is the beginning of any creative endeavor.  In fact, without skill, no quality creative work can be accomplished.

I love making multiples and I love thinking of all the people who will use and enjoy the pottery that I make.  I want the pleasure of handmade pots to enhance enjoyment of meals with family and friends.  So I am happy to be a production potter because to me that means I can make even more pots to visually and tactilely embellish ordinary moments.