Sick batter bowl

Yesterday, I made some batter bowls with a new clay body.  It had a high grog content so it dried faster than I anticipated – or perhaps it was the idyllic early summer weather.  Typically, we have high humidity in eastern NC which slows the drying time.

Bandaged batter bowl

Either way, a few of the batter bowl handles started to ‘pop’.  After pulling the handles, I allowed them to stiffen a little too much.  This resulted in a difficult connection.  When I checked the bowls, the bottom connections of some of the handles had disconnected from the pots.

A way to fix this is to moisten the handle, re-score the connection point, and apply pressure to reconnect.  You may have to moisten the handle slowly, several times to get it to bend without breaking.  Dry slowly while maintaining the pressure.  I tie a strip of plastic around the handle and dry the pot under another piece of plastic.  Slow drying is key to a successful remedy.