Damaged leartherhard pot

Admittedly, I am not very patient with pottery repairs.  But, Julie is an amazing pot-healer which might have something to do with her nursing background.  She will attempt to repair most pots whereas my solution is to euthanize them.

Although damages don’t happen often, they do occur.  If you prefer to try to save the pot, there are some things that you can do.  The success rate for repairing leatherhard pots is fairly good.  Here are some tips:

Punctures and holes

  • Cut out around the damaged area if necessary
  • Score and slip the area
  • Add a piece of clay that is approximately the same degree of dryness (it may be necessary to slab a piece of clay and allow to dry)
  • Work the patch clay into the pot
  • It may be necessary to moisten the area of pot where the patch is to be attached.  Use a moist sponge or APT, then score the area.
  • Use moisture sparingly.
  • Dry very slowly once patched

Cracks around attachments

  • Use a wooden tool to burnish the area around the attachment that is cracking
  • You can add a wet piece of newspaper to the joint to slow the drying time
  • Put under plastic to slow the drying time
  • If the crack persists, you can add some clay and APT to the area then dry very slowly

Repaired pot - small patch using APT and Julie's magic touch

Handles that become detached (see previous post)

  • Prepare the lower attachment area for the handle bottom by moistening and scoring the area
  • Spray the handle until it is soft enough to bend – do this incrementally and move the handle slowly
  •  Once you reconnect them, press the bottom attachment to the pot
  • Make a sling from dry cleaner plastic and tie it around the handle and pot
  • Cover with plastic and dry slowly
  • Check the attachment and adjust as necessary