As potters, we should embrace the Hippocratic oath to first do no harm.  This means to avoid damaging your pots.  When your pots are bone dry, they are the most vulnerable to damage so it is best to avoid moving them so transport them prior to the bone dry stage.

Although, the success rate for repairing bone dry ware is much lower than repairing pots at other stages, some injuries can be repaired.  Here are some suggestions to help increase your successes.

Cracks around attachments

  • Use a wooden tool to burnish the area around the attachment that is cracking
  • Fill with APT puddy if necessary and dry slowly

Re- attachments

  • Make a puddy of slip and APT
  • Add the mixture to the attachment site
  • Add the attachment and connect to the pot
  • Dry very slowly and check periodically
  • Once bisque-fired, you may need to GENTLY sand away any extra puddy