Selling your pottery is a multi-layered decision.  You must be confident in your work (or desperate because you are drowning in bowls and mugs) to put your pottery out there.

My first selling venue was a local art gallery.  This was a good opportunity for me because the curator was one of my former pottery instructors.  She was encouraging and guided me through the process.   I filled out the paperwork and left an assortment of pots for the board to jury for their sales gallery.  I was so excited (and relieved) when my pots were accepted into the gallery for sale.

When considering a sales gallery or store, do some research.  Review the establishment’s sales/consignment/commission policies.  Then, visit the store to evaluate if it is a good fit for you and your work.  A practical resource with valuable guidelines that I used when I approached other galleries is “How to Sell Your Ceramic Artwork Through Galleries: A Guide for Ceramic Artist”.

It may be a bit nerve-wracking to approach a store or gallery, but if you are sensitive or shy about you pots or if selling makes you uncomfortable, it might be easier for you to have a third party handle the sale.

Even though there is a commission charged, selling through a third party has other advantages.  The store handles paying sales taxes and credit card fees.   Also, selling through a store can be a good solution if you have limited inventory because you don’t have to fill a large display space.  And finally, your pots are exposed to many potential buyers.  With these benefits, stores/galleries are a good sales outlet for many potters.