Acquiring tools will not make better pots – practicing with them will.

Every potter has a set of core tools – tools that she won’t leave home without.  Then there are the secondary tools – tools that are used for more specialized purposes.  Although I don’t use these tools every day, I appreciate having them when I need them.

Wire brush – I prefer this tool for scoring.  It is one of my favorites.

Clean up tools – Needful for removing glaze drips.  And even though I have several, I still can’t find one when I need it.

Hole Punch – How else can I make a teapot?

Sherrill Stainless Steel Ribs – These are a little pricey but they are a nice alternative to the more flexible aluminum ribs.  I especially like Rib #0.

Lid Master Calipers – Most useful for making well-fitting lids.

Red Bulb Slip Trailer – This is one of the better slip trailers.

Speed ball roller – An alternative for a rolling pin in a size that feels more managable.