DSCN1121One of the benefits of working in clay is that I get to meet lots of creative people – and not just potters.  I have met musicians  painters, book binders, knitters, weavers, jewelry makers and many other craftspersons.  The world is filled with interesting people who are actively pursuing a passion.  So regardless of what your medium of choice is, perhaps you are like me and desire to increase your creativity.   But if I am to make distinctive and soulful pots, then I need to pursue it because I know it won’t ‘just happen on its own’.  So here are some things I intend to do this year in order to cultivate creativity.

Take a monthly inspirational outing – I read this suggestion in a book on creativity, and, I implemented it last year.  The outings included concerts, walks, museums, historical sites, etc.  It wasn’t really about what I did but more about the attitude with which I did it.  I approached each outing with anticipation and attentiveness.  Although I didn’t have a plethora of new ideas after every outing, I was always revived.

Turn off the noise – This is a challenge for me and causes me a lot of discomfort because I tend to work and listen to audio books/podcasts/TV/music (you get the picture).  But, whenever I turn off the noise, I think of new things I want to try.   So I am going to try to incorporate more quiet in my work time.

Make an idea box – Gather all the clippings, quotes, writing, notes, pictures, recipes, or whatever you tend to accumulate.  Put them in a box and shuffle through them when you feel like you need a new idea.  I made the box last year; but this year I plan you select ideas and try to work them out in clay.

Take a workshop/class – This is always a great way to cultivate creativity.  Last year, I took a class in paper marbeling and one in book binding.  Sometimes it is fun to just dabble.  Even if you can’t go to a class, perhaps you can find some instructional courses on  You-tube.

Whatever your craft, I hope you find more ways to be inspired this year so you can fill this world with lovely expressions of yourself – and, if you have any suggestions that have been helpful to you, please share them!