chipanddipI know I benefit from setting goals.  So to that end, I thought I would post a few suggestions for New Year’s Goals.

Throw larger – I often hear potters discuss making larger pots.  Try to double (or triple) the average size pot your throw well.  For example, if you throw a 3lb bowl, try to throw a 6lb bowl by the end of the year.

Select a glaze palette – Choose a few glazes and learn how they behave and how you can use them to showcase their best attributes.

Upgrade your tool kit – If you use community tools or if your tools are worn, try to upgrade a few of your most used tools.

Take a class or workshop – Never stop learning.  Sign up for a class with an instructor whose work you admire or who is showing a technique you haven’t tried.

Overcome that annoying challenge – Do you struggle pulling handles or making lids that fit?  Whatever it is that you seem to struggle against, plan to practice it in 2013 until you elevate your skill level.

These are just a few suggestions.  Whatever you work on this year, I wish you much success.