Renewed Firetower Studio West

In the course of  preparing for 2011, Firetower Studio West received a face lift.  After working in the garage for the last 6 months, we realized that we weren’t using the space efficiently.  Maneuvering around tables, glaze buckets, and each other had become tiresome.  So the first priority was to open up the space and the second priority was to define work areas.

My wheel has a new home

We added a new overhead light (thanks to Julie’s brother-in-law), a new storage shelf, and a new table.  The table was custom built by Sous-Potter Jeff and is everything we asked for: sturdy, wide, and tall.  He even installed a half shelf for glaze storage… genius sous-potter.  We will cover it with 2 layers of canvas and then begin wedging the massive amount of clay that we’ve reclaimed.  Anyone want a bicep/tricep workout?

Amazing, new table

We gave everything a good cleaning and have been getting back to work slowly.  We began by throwing and firing bowls for the dinnerware set.   Today, the kiln can be opened and the glazed mugs and covered jars will be unloaded.  And, this week, we will begin glazing dinnerware and finish setting goals for A Bit Off Center.