What's missing? Making room for my new wheel!

In 2008, I bought my kiln off Ebay.  It was a true blessing.  It came with a vent, shelves, tools, glazes, … and a wheel.  It is a Clay Boss and although it wasn’t the wheel I would have bought, it turned out to be a very good wheel.

It has plenty of horsepower and is relatively light weight.  I have taken it to my sister’s house and to Firetower Studio West for on-site lessons.  I have often recommended it to students who are seeking a wheel because it is one of the less expensive models.  But, the lower cost has a price – it is loud and it has a paltry splash basin.

Clay Boss Wheel by Creative Industries

I have been saving money all year to replace my wheel  – admittedly, an indulgence.  Now, I am the proud owner of a Bailey ST-X  Wheel.  I have thrown on various models of Brent, Shimpo, Thomas Stewart, Pacifica, Bailey, and Creative Industries.  They all have benefits.  And, as I said, the Clay Boss by Creative Industries is a good option for many students.  But, I chose the Bailey ST-X for several reasons:  it is quiet; has a large, removable splash pan; has plenty of horsepower; allows for several add-on feature such as adjustable legs and work tables; and is inexpensive.

Bailey ST-X

I am really looking forward to using it (as soon as I can get back in the studio).  My former wheel has a new home at Firetower Studio West.  This is such a luxury!  Now, Julie can and I can throw together (she is quite the slave-driver).

Sous-potter assembles my new wheel!