Mug Tree

Mugs are one of my favorite pots.  I love using them; and, when I make them, I love contemplating all the intimate interactions that the user will have with them.  Mugs invite comfort and mindfulness.

We sell a lot of mugs (in fact, they are our best selling pot).  But here is something very curious that I noticed.  While most people look through the mugs for specific colors until they find a mug to purchase, there are a few people who pick up a mug, hold it at chest level, close their eyes, and cradle it in their hands.  These are the devoted coffee drinkers.  They choose a mug by how it feels – in fact, most of them hardly notice the glazes.  It is an honor when one of these coffee drinkers chooses one of my mugs because coffee is a vital part of their day and the mug from which they drink it is part of that ritual.  It is very satisfying to know that I made something that will be used and enjoyed.