Double-dipping bowl - Spring Snow

Our first craft show is over, the stores are stocked with inventory, and there are no gifts to be made at the moment.  It is a still time for A Bit Off Center.  We have a few orders to fill; but, for the most part, there is nothing pressing.  It is a nice reprieve – one that I have filled with lists.

There are several projects that I have wanted to work on; and I plan to work on a few of those.  But, there are lists of non-pot-making things that I will be focusing on this month.

Detail of the handle

Maintenance (non-pot-making tasks) feels cyclical to me.  We are out of one of our basic glazes so I need to mix it up; and, the other glazes could use sieving.   After our glaze-athon, the kiln shelves are desperate need of attention.  We have buckets of clay that are waiting to be recycled; and, the slip should be replenished.  The studio has been very neglected so I plan on cleaning it.  I spent most of today taking pictures of pots because we want updated photos to accompany craft show applications.  And, the website needs some freshening up.

These are not complaints – I really enjoy all aspects of ceramics.  I am also very thankful that I have a partner who splits the maintenance with me so I can get back to my most favorite aspect – making pots.