I have the pleasure of teaching pottery classes at a local art center.  And, it is typical for the potters taking the class to want to make a pot for some one special.  I often wonder if the recipients of the pots know how much care and thought go into making these gifts.

The potters focus diligently on making a pot worthy of giving to a friend – sometimes to the point of debilitation.   This is where multiples liberate me.

I love to make pots for some one in particular.  But,  I don’t typically sit down to make a pot for a friend.  Rather, if I decide I want to give my friend a mug (for example), I begin a series of mugs, all the while thinking about her, her colors, her coffee cravings, etc.  And, I also spend time praying for her as I cycle through the mugs.  After I finish the series, I select the best mug, which is the mug that I give.  Making a series helps alleviate the pressure to make the perfect pot and it increases the likelihood that I will make one worthy of my friend.