Salad Bowl Set

I am a Resolutionist.  I can’t help it.  Numbers are very motivational for me.  And, a new year just plays into my already heightened enthusiasm.  So in a brave, new approach, I am sharing some of my 2011 Pottery Resolutions.

Better Pots: The general focus for 2011 will be continued practice and refinement.  We have sales outlets that will allow us to make a lot of pots this year.  I like making pots and feel that there are several pot details that I want to improve.  So, in order to make better and more interesting pots, I intend to be purposeful and mindful when throwing pots throughout the year.

Large Salad Bowl with Six Serving Bowls

Improve Classes: I also want to improve class instruction and bring more interesting projects to the ceramics class.  I have begun to work on this goal by developing several class themes and can’t wait to share them.

Healthier: I also want to me more conscientious of my back, neck, and sinuses.  I plan to work in pottery for a long time so I need to change how I sit, hold my shoulders, and wear a mask.

Photography:  I have seen some great photos on other blogs and they have encouraged me to improve my skills.  I want to take better pictures of pots and other things that inspire me .  My generous mother loaned me her camera indefinitely and I have begun to work with it.

Detail of Salad Bowl

Drawing:  Last year, I took a basic drawing class at Emerge.  It was helpful and I felt like a real artist when I used charcoal.  I have a book that I want to work through to prepare for a pottery workshop in August.

Blog:  I think 2 entries a week will keep the website from feeling stagnant.  The blog is still a challenge.  I strive to be transparent, genuine, and discrete.

I am looking forward to all that 2011 has in store!