One of the major truths that I have learned is time is limited; and, in order for me to make the most of it, I have to spend it intentionally.

Although pottery is more than a hobby for me, it didn’t start out that way. Initially, it was a hobby that I practiced during a community class; then I started to go to the studio outside of classes.  And, eventually, pottery became a much larger pursuit for me.

It didn’t happen all at once; it was a consequence of a series of decisions over several years.  In order to commit more of myself to pottery I: took community throwing classes; bought a book; read a book; took a weekend workshop; bought a wheel; set up a studio; bought my own glazes; took a trip to Seagrove; got business cards; set up a website; took a week-long workshop; declined teaching geology during the fall semester; taught community clay classes.

Not every potter wants to pursue pottery to the level that I have; but, all of the potters I have met want to improve their craft which means making choices in order to get more pottery time.

So, what commitment have you made to you pursuing your passion? What have you done to take your passion more seriously/professionally? Where do you want to go and what is required to get you there?