I have a scarf that I started knitting several months ago – and I am still working on it.  This is the great and evil thing about knitting, I can start a project and it will wait forever until I return.  Of course, with no consequences to allowing a project to age (except for apathy), there is no inducement to quickly resume work.

This is not the case with pottery.  In pottery, I must find time to make the pots and then commit time to finish the pots.  The window of opportunity is short before pots are unsalvageable.  There is no need to spend a few hours making pots if I can’t find time to finish them before they become too dry.

Last night, I had time to throw but I am leaving town for a conference (day job obligation) so I knew that anything I made would dry out before I return.   Normally, in such situations,  I would glaze or do some studio maintenance.  But, believe it or not, I am caught up so I really didn’t have anything that I could work on.

Unfortunately, Julie didn’t finish her pots before she left on her trip.  So I  went by the studio and wrapped them up really well (multiple layers of plastic); I plan to finish them when I return which is the best option for such situations.