Practice pots - workshop exercises in surface decoration

For several years I took pottery classes at local pottery studios.  However, when no classes were available, I looked elsewhere for instruction.  As a result, I  began to attend pottery workshops.

Workshops provide a great opportunity to see different techniques, try new tools, and meet other potters.  And, as I participated in more of them, I began to learn how to get the most out of them.

Here are my recommendations on how to take a pottery workshop:

  • Be open – it isn’t right, it isn’t wrong, it’s just different
  • Be humble – you can’t learn what you already know
  • Don’t monopolize the conversation – you came with that info and you will leave with that info if no one else is sharing
  • You don’t have to know it all or share all you know
  • Try to learn all that you can – worry about whether it is your ‘style’ later
  • Take notes and take pictures
  • Do as many of the projects as you can – these are 3-D notes for you to take home with you
  • Do as many of the projects as you can – because you won’t make time to try them at home (don’t believe the lie)
  • Don’t worry about how well you throw or don’t throw – it will distract you from working at your best
  • Enjoy the diversity of the other pots and allow them to inspire you rather than intimidate you
  • If possible, purchase a pot from the instructor – it is the best example you can take home