Plates - Spring Snow Collection

“Two other fashions (read: plagues) I’d like to see go away this year are the omnipresence of white plates (someone please have mercy) and cheap, uncomfortable restaurant chairs.  I’d give anything to walk into a restaurant with rich, dark, plush furnishings that make you want to sit in them for hours and eat off some china with a bit of personality.”     – Laura Calder (Cookbook author)

Spring Snow Place Setting

Finally!  Some one who agrees with me! White plates may be great for photographs but they do little for the dining experience.

I really like to cook and I love to feed people.  And, since I have been potting, I really enjoy using handmade pottery because it enhances the entire meal.  True foodies (which I am not because I occasionally use minced garlic from a jar) prefer white dishes to showcase the food.  But, there is so much soulfulness in handmade dishware; it seems a befitting honor for a well-made meal to be served on a one-of-a-kind plate.