I don’t remember when I decided I wanted to make pottery – it seems I have always wanted to make pots.  When I was in 4th grade, we got to do a pottery project.  I was so excited until I got to the art classroom only to find out that we would not be using a potter’s wheel.  Instead, we made pinch pots – perhaps that was the beginning of my disdain for handbuilding.  Then, when I was in 5th grade, we did another ceramic project.  Again, my excitement was short lived because we made coil pots. We never did get to make anything on the potter’s wheel.

I appreciate well-made hand-built pots but I am not of the temperament to develop these skills.  The process is too slow and it will never captivate my attention like the wheel does.  So when Julie decided that we needed to handbuild some business card holders, I resorted to passive-aggressive pouting as I pretended to wedge clay in preparation for the project.  In the end, we aborted the project on my promise that I will develop a pattern for us to use at a later time…which I am sure to out-source to my sous-potter who is also designer.

So the only thing I have to show for our afternoon of hand-building is my index card holder.  Index cards are among my favorite things (and I am much distressed by the flimsy paper stock from which they are currently being made of – but that is another rant).  Mostly I use index cards to write bible verses on so I can memorize them or just keep them on my mind.  I stick them in my purse, on my car dashboard, on my work desk, in books, and wherever else I can.  For quite a while, I have wanted to make a  holder for the index cards I keep in the bathroom.  Now that I made this one, I have several other design ideas; all of which begin on the wheel (of course).