Firetower Studio East

In 2008, my husband, father, and friends built me a studio. My dad has built several storage buildings so my studio is exceptional.  I love it.  It is 12×14 which doesn’t allow me the luxury of being messy.  But, it is a wonderful place to work.

Until I had a home studio, I worked at a public art center.  It was a good arrangement because it provided a lot of space and tools.  But, as I advanced, I realized two things.  In order to get better, I needed to (1) throw more often and (2) control the drying time.

Hippo curtains - sewn by a good friend

Here is the thing: I managed well within the limitations of the art center.  I wasn’t incapacitated by their hours.  I made good pots because I worked around the limitations.

It is easy to say, “I would make better pottery if I had a home studio”.  And, that may be true.  But, instead of focusing on the limitation, I was better served by pursuing my passion within the context of what was available.

In other words – “don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can” (fortune cookie).