“When you start creating for and in honor of those that have made a difference to you, your work changes.”  Seth Godin

 During class,  a potter was finishing a really cute lidded pot.  The pot shape was adorable and the lid was a balanced complement.  She received a lot of suggestions about how to embellish the pot.  But, most of the suggestions were reflective of the other potters’ preferences.  When I asked her what she wanted to do, she said she wasn’t sure but she thought it would be easier if she knew who she was going to give the pot to.

When I am making a pot for a person, I have a deep reservoir of inspiration.  Although I don’t radically change the pots I make, I consider other elements that might be important to the person for whom I am making the particular pot.   The extra level of attentiveness and alternative perspective with which I contemplate the pot often results in a much better pot.