February is an uneventful time of year.  The holidays have been packed away; the football season is over; and craft  shows are several months away.   So there isn’t much in the way of demand from February.

Because of the hiatus in activity, this is a great time for me to work on developing new ideas.  In 2010, we worked on glaze combinations by testing lots of glazes on small bowls, which resulted in a few signature combinations.  In 2011, we practiced under-glazing and glaze-resisting techniques on small plates and bowls, which resulted in a few signature patterns.  This year, I am working on incorporating texture to give the pots more depth.  The most recent pots have been decorated with slipped designs.  This sort of work is difficult for me because I need to have an idea before I throw a pot.  That means I am spending a lot of time looking at photos of fabrics, jewelry, scenery, decorations, patterns, etc.  before I even get into the studio.  I need inspiration!  So any suggestions would be welcome.