I have been debating about starting a blog for several months.  Here is the thing, I am not sure how to start.   So although, I have several topics on which I would like to blog, I can’t post them until I get through the initial blog.  The text in the template blog said “Hello World” which gave me the hopeless sense of talking to an empty room.   Perhaps that will be.

I am a life-long journaler.  Journaling helps me sort through my muddled mind.  In my debate about whether to blog, I wondered if I would be able to edit myself.  I don’t journal for an audience; but, a blog is for an audience.  Then I thought about how I have really benefitted from the willingness of other bloggers to share of themselves so openly.  I hope to offer some of that to anyone how happens to read my musings.  So in an attempt to share some of my experiences and keep the website from feeling static, I am diving in.

I’m Rae.  I live in eastern North Carolina with my husband, Jeff , and our two dogs, Bluu and Braum. I would say that I am a geologist by day and a potter the rest of the time, but that isn’t true.  I am a full time potter – although I have an alternative income source because I moonlight as geologist for an environmental consulting firm.

Braum and Bluu - watch dogs

I have been working in clay since 2003. In 2008, I bought a kiln and wheel – which meant I needed a place to put them.  My husband, my dad, and several good friends built a studio for me. (Jeff built my studio and my website.  He is a very good guy. )

I met Julie at Parks and Rec – she is as clay crazy as me.  We started working together; and, in 2008, since neither of us was ready to fill a craft show booth, we shared one.  Since then, we have continued our collaborative efforts – which we call ‘A Bit Off Center’.

So here it is… my blog about clay, friends, family, God, teaching, art, working, health, life, and everything in between.