The Christmas count-down has begun!  I am so excited because this is the first day Advent Calendars will be used.   The term Advent comes from the Latin “adventur” which means arrival.  In 1800s, German Protestants made chalk marks on their doors to count down the days until Christmas.  Modern Advent calendars have candy or other treats to help heighten the anticipation of Christmas and there are so many creative variations – I wish I could collect them all.  I was thrilled to find out that my Advent calendar was included on a blog featuring a diversity of  calendars.

Jeff did an amazing job building the shadow boxes and  I am really pleased with each set.  Last year, we made 3 sets; and, this year, we made 4 sets.  If you are doing the math, that is 168 jars and lids – and, there are only 15 left-over lids which is less than 9% extra.  This is a mark of improvement for me considering that I used to make an extra lid for every pot.

I really enjoyed making and filling the calendars – maybe next year I will even make one for myself!