Irene was uninvited and she stayed too long.

  1. I didn’t get to see my very good friends who live in Cary.
  2. I spent the day reading.
  3. My dad had a generator on stand by for me so I could power my wheel even if the electricity went out.
  4. Jeff suggested that we hold a HurricanePottery Sale in which ‘everything must go’.

    Sous-potter Braum thinks hurricanes are boring.

  5. My house isn’t any cleaner.
  6. I am already packed for the next show!
  7. Extra security was required because pottery groupies were rioting in the streets of Cary since Lazy Daze was canceled.
  8. Braum got a bath.  (He is not a fan of hurricanes.)
  9. The foot paths to my studio and sink area floated away.

    Floating foot path.

  10. I have to wait another week for a trip to Trader Joe’s.