Pre-weighed clay balls

I admit that I like to quantify things – by weight/volume/ whatever – give me a number to associate with it and it feels more tangible.  In fact, when I cook, I use 2 timers – one counts down based on the prescribed time to doneness but I also use one that counts up – so I can KNOW how much time it really took to doneness.

I believe this neuroses of quantification is a good thing for potters.  By weighing clay, a potter can gauge how efficently she has thrown a pot.  I weigh my clay and often make note of it – I do this as I get the clay balls ready for throwing.  And, when I am developing a new form, I use these data to help me select the amount of clay I should start with.

For any potter who is struggling to throw better, throwing with the same amount of clay will help her focus on her technique by removing one variable.