I spent most of October filling orders and making gifts.  This is gift season.  Not only is Christmas looming large, but, it is birthday season in my world.  All this means is I have lots of gifts to finish in a short time.  It is not for lack of planning – there is always something to do.  Therefore, I often work late.  But, Braum keeps me company in the studio.  He is a good sous-potter.

Sous-potter Braum inspects the pots

He prefers to keep the door open so he can look out for other visitors because he loves visitors.  When I work too late, he reminds me to stop so he can go to bed.  He helps me keep perspective.

When can we go to bed?

Braum arrived at our house November 4, 2009.  My mother rescued him from Highway 903.  He was small and hairless.  I know the Lord gave him to us and for that I am thankful.   It has been a lot of fun having him.