Photo by Sp8 & Nassim

Photo by Sp8 & Nassim

Although pottery isn’t my full time pursuit, I treat it professionally.  That means, I set time to work in the studio and then go there; I maintain a website and have business cards; and, I keep financial records.  Since I often get asked logistical questions about A Bit Off Center, I thought I would share a few of the most common ones.

You make a lot of pots; when do you do it?  Each week is different; but, essentially, I work a few afternoons from 4 til 630 and Saturday with Julie.  I have a studio at home, so I often work for short sessions on ‘off’ evenings.  I enjoy my studio so it isn’t hard to find time to get in there.  Pottery keeps me from watching a lot of TV!

How did you get started selling?  I wanted to make better pots so I made a lot of pots.  Julie and I knew each other from the community studio so we worked together for company.  Then we saw a local Craft Show and split a booth.

Is it hard to get into/do craft shows?  Some shows are juried which means you submit photos of your work and they select the participants.  Other shows are entered by paying  fee.  Neither is difficult (except it helps to have really good photos).  Doing the shows is a lot of work and planning.  It requires having a booth (tables/shelves/tent), getting enough pots made, and making provision to take payment.

What is your best seller?  Mugs.  Everyone likes mugs.  We also sell a lot of small bowls and chip and dip servers.

What is your biggest expense?  Glaze.  It is expensive and we use a lot.  But, last year, our booth fees were almost as much as our glaze expenditure.

I wouldn’t want to make things because I have to.  How do you do it?  I think it is a mind set.  I don’t feel like I have to do anything.  It feels like I get to make pots and I like multiples – they feel like another opportunity to do it better or differently.