During our vacation, Jeff had a training class in NJ which meant I had 2 days to myself.  On one of those days, I went to the public garden on Staten Island.  It was a beautiful day – perfect for wandering around a garden.  I spent the time taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful weather.  There was a Herb Garden, Secret Garden, Healing Garden, Chinese Scholar’s Garden.  All were quite lovely.  But, the Chinese Scholar’s Garden was exceptional.

Among the waterfalls, koi pond, and rock garden is a courtyard.  It is such a nice place to sit and enjoy being quiet since there are so many things to discover.  Some of my favorites were the ‘leaky windows’.  Each window had a different pattern; the purpose of the leaky windows was to help you anticipate the scenery on the other side – which is exactly what they did.  But, they also inspired to think about slip designs and stamp patterns.