Teapot and teabowl

I don’t have an art degree.  And, although I don’t have a business degree, when I got my ‘real world’ job, I had to learn business.  So I read – a lot.

I am surprised that so many of the things I read in business literature can apply to art (specifically my pottery quest).

In business, when starting a project, you consider as many ideas as possible.  Then you must focus and make choices in order to finish the project.  But most people aren’t open enough in the beginning; and, then they stay open too long, hold on to too many options, and never get a cohesive idea (Seth Godin).

Teabowl Set

This seems to apply to clay.  When first learning pottery, I tried several techniques/glazes/clays/etc.   But in order to develop a personal aesthetic, I need to identify where I am most passionate and become indifferent to everything else in order to develop that.

“Indifference is as important as passion.” (Bob Sutton)