Yesterday was the beginning of autumn, my favorite season.  I love this time of year; and, even though eastern NC is slow in her transition, I am in full fall mode.  There are so many things I enjoy about this time of year – cooler weather, softer light, changing leaves, football.

I takes a bit of effort for me to enjoy summer – but it is so easy for me to celebrate fall.  I buy mums, put out pumpkins, decorate the house with warm fall colors, light candles, and make soups.  I even have music that I listen to this time of year.  Most of my favorites include the hammered dulcimer: By the Pond by Stephen Humphries and A Following Wind by Glenn Morgan.

Some how, pottery seems to fit right in with my love of fall probably because it embodies so many of the same things I associate with fall: quite, contemplative, and comforting.