Advent Calendar and Shadowbox

I was given my first Advent calendar while I was an exchange student in Germany.  I loved opening the numbered cardboard door to get a chocolate every day until Christmas.  I wish advent calendars had been a part of my Christmas celebration as a child.  So I wanted to share them with my nephews; and, some years, I have managed to find cardboard calendars for them.  But, I wanted to make them something that would become a permanent part of their Christmas memories.

Re-arranging the pots - they must to be in the 'right' order

Jeff and I worked to make the Advent calendar and shadowbox.  It was especially nice to work with Jeff – I told him I wanted a wooden box that would hold the numbered jars and rotate on a lazy-susan.  He designed a wonderful shadowbox.  And, from the reports that I am getting, I think my nephews are enjoying the treats that are stuffed in the jars.