Sink area at Firetower Studio East

I spent yesterday mixing glazes – not the most exciting aspect of pottery.  Julie and I use commercial glazes and we order them in dry form.  We recently ordered several of our primary glazes, which I had to mix so we can glaze bisque-ware this week.  But, Firetower Studio East has a fantastic sink area that makes mixing glazes easier on my back.

The other two tools that really help make the task easier are an extended mixing paddle for an electric drill and a set of sieves.  Sieves can be expensive but I found an affordable set at Pottery Supply House, one of my favorite ceramics sites.

Sieving the glaze

Sous-potter Jeff purchased the paddle from Harbor Freight.  It is smaller than those sold at most pottery supply sites.  But, I usually mix 2-4 gallons and find it to be a good size for that volume.

Stirring and stirring my brew

Braum supervises while I mix glazes

After a few hours or stirring, pouring, and sieving, I finished mixing 85 pounds of glaze and we are set for a while (or at least until we add a new glaze).

Finally done!