Dinner is served!

We’re done!  Julie and I finished the commissioned dinnerware set.    What a fun project.  It looks really good and we are excited to deliver it to our client.  65 pieces – 16 dinner plates, 12 salad plates, 12 bread plates, 12 cereal bowls, 12 chili bowls, and a serving bowl.

Making sets of 12 was challenging.   The pieces needed to be similar and stackable – how else would you store 24 bowls?

Stackable Dinnerware

There were several unforeseen challenges.  When we began making dinner plates, we had to bring several tables into Firetower Studio West in order to have space to let them dry.  The rims had a tendency to pop up so we had to weigh them down with boards until they were dry enough to invert.  Not to mention that we had a limited supply of throwing bats.

Overall, it was a great project and an incredible opportunity.  Now I am inspired to make my own set of dinnerware!