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Inventory Maintenance

Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Craft Show, Maintenance, Philosophy | 0 comments

“I would rather be prolific than perferct.” – Abel James Since the Bele Chere show, Julie and I have been throwing together when our schedules allign and independently at other times.    This is our show season so we have pots to make.  This is also the time of year we look at our stores and begin rotating pots and increasing inventory in anticipation of the holidays.  (Holidays!?  It is still the sweltery summer – it has taken a few years but we realize that the holidays come so quickly that they might as well be next week). How does this work?  I look over the sales...

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I tumble for you, I tumble for you!

Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Philosophy, Tumbler | 2 comments

Confession – I love 80s music –  and what potter couldn’t love Boy George’s anthem to tumbler? I love making mugs (as I have stated many times).  But, sometimes I don’t get the handles on  before they dry and I am left with a tumbler.  Every time this happens, I promise to never let it happen again; but you know what they say about good intentions.  Some days life interferes and I just don’t make it back into the studio which is how mugs become tumblers. I have several of these ‘not-quite-mugs’ in my home and I use them daily.  At first, they...

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Keeping Pots Moist

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I worked at a community art center for several years and I know how frustrating it can be to have a pot become too dry to finish.  It is such a waste of effort.  I encourage anyone whose studio is remote to transport pots in order to monitor drying time.  You will never make the best pot you can if you always have to accomodate for a dry pot. Drying time is difficult to quantify.  There are so many variables that will affect how quickly a pot will dry: weather, humidity, A/C, drafts, pot shape, type of clay, etc. I contend it is better to have a pot be too wet to work on than too dry to...

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Mug Mania

Posted by on Aug 11, 2012 in Mugs, Multiples, studio work | 0 comments

I make a lot of pots because I enjoy making pots.  As a consequence, I sell those pots.  A lot of potters don’t sell because they don’t want to feel pressured to make a certain number of a particular pot.  But, I don’t feel that way.  In fact, I was quite excited after Bele Chere because we sold a lot of mugs.  Now I get to make more mugs! Last autumn, I made a lot of mugs which have provided an inventory for our recent shows.  But with the shows we have scheduled, we need to add to the  collection.  So I am in production mode. This means I am making 5 mugs every other day....

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If not now, when?

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I have a scarf that I started knitting several months ago – and I am still working on it.  This is the great and evil thing about knitting, I can start a project and it will wait forever until I return.  Of course, with no consequences to allowing a project to age (except for apathy), there is no inducement to quickly resume work. This is not the case with pottery.  In pottery, I must find time to make the pots and then commit time to finish the pots.  The window of opportunity is short before pots are unsalvageable.  There is no need to spend a few hours making pots if I can’t...

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