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Time Allocation

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When I started making pottery, I was a student at a community studio.  All of the time that I dedicated to my hobby was spent engaging with clay.  I worked on the wheel or glazed pots because the support work (firing, cleaning, glaze maintenance, etc.) was done by a studio assistant. As my passion grew, I set up my home studio; and, as a consequence of making a lot of pots, I also began selling pottery.  How I spent my time began to change, too.  This isn’t unique to me.  It seems full-time potters spend more time doing things other than making pots; and, I suspect that this is the...

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Commercial Glazes – Pints

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For the most part, I use commercial glazes purchased in a dry state which I hydrate and sieve.  However, I also buy glazes in liquid form (usually in pints). There are a lot of great commercial glazes and almost all of them are available as liquid in pints.  Pints are cost efficient because they allow you to test a glaze prior to purchasing a larger amount.  They are also excellent for supplementing a color palette (like at a community studio).  I buy pints of glazes for colors that I don’t use frequently or for colors that are too expensive to use in large amounts.  Pints are also...

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We just finished our second craft show of the year.  Artsplosure is held in downtown Raleigh and is hosted by the Raleigh Arts Festival.  The festival includes musical performances, interactive art exhibits, and a juried craft show (which means your work has to be accepted) that hosts about 150 artists.  This was the first year that we participated in the festival and according to the news, it was the largest attendance in the show’s history. The show was a lot of fun for us for so many reasons.  The weather was great and our booth was on a shady street.  The festival was well...

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If you make pots, then you have clay to recycle.  It is just the nature of the beast.   I get asked a lot of questions about how I handle recycling.  There are a lot of methods – but the best one is the one that you will follow through with.  For me, I do a combination of things. In my multi-tiered system, there are 3 stages of clay that can be recycled: wet, dry, and slurry. Wet clay:  My first approach is to reduce the amount of clay that I must recycle.  This means that all wet clay accumulated during throwing is dealt with right away.  Wet clay includes any clay that comes from...

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Multi-purpose Pot

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Chips and Salsa Veggies and Dip Cookies and Milk

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